Karen Jackson-Walls

makeup artist

Karen Jackson-Walls
Milwaukee, WI

If our eyes are the gateway to the soul, then the surrounding entrance should be a prelude to what we find within.

Hello, my name is Karen. I am a certified makeup artist and certified lash stylist. I’ve always been fascinated with eyes. The colors, shape, size, depth, simplicity and drama…, so choosing the correct colors for your Amazing Eyes is the key to stunning, head turning results.

At Amazing Eyes, it’s all about you…., accentuating your eye color, shape, size and skin tone is the key to creating your most beautiful you.


Makeup Applications & Consultations:

• Learn how to hide imperfections
• What makes your eyes pop
• Day and night looks
• Special Occasions

Certified Lash Stylist:

Treat yourself to beautiful, dark, long, lushes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions. One application and you’ll be hooked.

Applications last 4-6 weeks. Call for consultations and appointments.