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Kimberly barnes

makeup artist

Kimberly barnes

salem, VA

Makeup application for all skin types men and women. Special events and parties packages are available.

My name is Kim I am a local in salem,va. I will be ofering makeup application services at the salon where I am presently employed. I will offer make up application for all skin types.

I have been a Hairstylist for 18 years and just recently pursued a education in makeup appication at qc makeup academy. I have learned a great deal about makeup and proper makeup aplication for all skin types. I will be offering makeup application for men and women. There will be packages available for weddings and special events.


Services that will be offered are makeup appilcation for men and women. Special events and wedding packages are available for those who want them. Mens makeup application will include foundation and powder and concealer if needed lightly applied for a natural look. Women makeup will include concealer, foundation and powder, eye makeup. Eyelashes can be applied for a aditional cost. Prices will be determinded at time of concultation.