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Mary Little

interior decorator

Mary Little

Ottawa, ON

"Love that Room" Interior Decorating

Have you ever flipped through a magazine and thought "I love that room!"? At Love that Room Interior Decorating, we can help you achieve that with your room. Your decorating plan will incorporate your family's lifestyle, personal style preferences and budget while ensuring harmony with the rest of your home. I will also give you tips on how to make easy and affordable updates that will keep you loving your room for years!

About me:

I learned to love interior design as a child from my mother. A homemaker with 6 children, she was a creative and stylish woman who loved both home and fashion design. I admired her classic taste, appreciation for quality and smart ways of saving money.

After obtaining a university business degree, I worked in sales and marketing and moved several times. I've lived in 7 homes to date and, with each home, I became more passionate about designing, renovating and decorating. When it was time to sell, our houses sold quickly and I attribute that to making smart design and renovation choices, shopping carefully and always staging when selling.

After years of helping family and friends with their interior decorating projects - and 3 children now in school - I decided that it was time to get certified and do it professionally.


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