Alfair Reid

interior decorator

Alfair Reid
Hamilton, ON

Creating a higher standard of living through the art of design and decorating is our mission.

At Diamond Interior Decorating, we believe in having a beautiful surrounding environment. Designing your home or office space in a manner that is pleasing to you, helps to elevate some of the pressures of day to day living. Designing spaces that make you feel at ease is our desire and we believe that beauty should not always be expensive.

Designing an environment that is warm and inviting has always been my passion. From my early teenage years, I have been designing one room or another, whether it was just my bedroom or as I got older my whole house. I have studied fashion merchandising and have always paid attention to designing trends. I have worked alongside my husband for the last 7 years and truly enjoy designing.


* Interior Decorating
We will meet with you and discuss what your needs are, what is your budget and from there we can put together a design that is suitable for you. We will work with you as we go through the process of transforming your home until the work is completely finished.