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Susan Rose

home stager, interior redesigner

Susan Rose

Wilmot Station, NS

Your living space should reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Being a military spouse, I have bought and sold homes three times so far. Although, at first, it was difficult to move, I have discovered that each home and location had it's own distinct characteristics, benefits and possibilities. I have come to enjoy each opportunity to re-invent myself and my living arrangements. Your home is truly a blank canvas that can be created to match your personality and lifestyle. Be creative and have fun.

I grew up in Gander, NF, graduated from High School and moved to St. John's, NF to attend Memorial University (MUN). I graduated from MUN with a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Psychology, a Certificate in Criminology, and a Diploma in Behaviour Modification. I then moved to Courtenay, BC and later Ottawa, ON where I worked in the school system with troubled teens. After 14 years in this field and another posting, I decided it was time to shift my focus, so I decided to work as an Activities Coordinator with seniors.

I believe my Psychology background and my experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds gives me a good solid foundation for working in the field of Home Staging. I have learned how important it is to actively listen to what clients have to say. When working with people in general, you have to put your personal tastes and biases aside to allow others to truly discover who they are.


Making Living Spaces Livable (De-Cluttering)
Home Staging
Room Re-Designing
Furniture Upstylist
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