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Bonnie Warder

interior decorator

Bonnie Warder

Lions Head, ON

Beautiful Surroundings

My approach to decorating is that the final product should reflect the client's personality and tastes. It is important to take the time to learn about my clients and discuss all the available possibilities. The process should be fun and free of stress and provide the client with the information needed to make an informed decision.
It can be very easy to transform your home into a space that you are proud to share with friends and family. A major renovation on our home inspired me to study Interior Decorating and it was so enjoyable that I decided to start a new career assisting my clients in creating "Beautiful Surroundings."

Interior decorating has been a lifelong passion. My parents allowed me the opportunity to decorate at my childhood home and then I advanced to helping other family members with their projects. I continued to experiment with decorating throughout my adult years but a recent renovation on our home inspired me to study Interior Decorating with the Quality of Course Design School to prepare for decorating our renovated space.


The process to creating your "Beautiful Surroundings" can be very easy. Our initial meeting will establish what the client wants to achieve and how I can assist in making the dream a reality.
It is important to take our time and outline what services are required and establish timelines, budgets, etc. so that the project is fun and free of surprises and stress.
Services can include floorplans, colour consultation, advice on flooring, lighting and accessories.