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Sheila Tierney

home stager , interior redesigner

Sheila Tierney

Estero, FL

Let us prepare, stage and redesign your home so that it sells just right!

Sheila's Secrets of Home Staging and Redesign
Wow, I'm finally doing what I've loved to do for years! I have a real passion for decorating and all aspects of home staging and redesign. The housing market is quite competitive and it is vital that your home is in pristine condition and has great curb appeal. My job is to come in and present your house in such a way that potential homes buyers love the choice of colors and the simple and clean furniture layout.

I want to make the most of your home and have it shine in the brightest light possible. Having potential buyers leave saying “remember that house that we loved, it was perfect."

High School 4 Years
College 3 years
Government Position 22 years
Home Decorating 28 years


Our Services include the following:
Neutral wall colors
Redesign furniture placement
Proper scale and balance
Rental options for staging
Repairs from tradesmen
Curb appeal

There are four types of services we will be offering our clients: consultation, preparation work, resale redesign,and a complete home staging solution.

1. A consultation that involves the stager visiting the property, giving written recommendations regarding preparatory work needed to make the home ready for sale, and, identifying areas of the home that could benefit from resale redesign.
2. Preparation work which, includes basic cleaning, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, organizing, repair and, maintenance work.
3. A consultation and resale redesign package is the showcasing part of home staging.
4. A complete home staging solution includes a consultation, coordination of the preparation work, and, resale redesign.


My bedroom was blah and lacked serious personality - I was looking for a change that would be mature, organized, but also bright and vibrant. Sheila came in and did just that! I gave her a budget (which she actually came under!) and totally transformed my bedroom in the matter of a day. She maximized space, reduced clutter, gave me more storage, and accentuated my large bay windows. Now I have a serene but vibrant room that I love to come home to. She was awesome!

Caitlin - 25 yrs old