Kelly Andrews

makeup artist

The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you! - Coco Chanel

I have a real passion for makeup, it first started when I picked up my lip stick. A dark purple from Wet n' wild. Since then I have enjoyed enhancing natural beauty and pushing the boundaries of color.

I have been doing make up on and off since high school. It was only when I was faced with depressing work life to really embrace my hobby and start working towards making cosmetics a professional career. I got my break doing my first wedding back in 2011 and i haven't looked back. I also have been lucky enough to know people in the local rock scene where they have let me explore and expand on my growing arsenal of techniques.

I love making people feel pretty and I enjoy doing something funky from time to time.


Weddings - £50 +£25 for each additional person (includes test runs)
Rock Shows - £20
Stage Makeup - £20
Special Events - £15
Every day - £10

Shopping sessions and consultations negotiable.