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Karen Kryshka
Aurora , ON

Sell your house....with a little help.

Home Impressions Staging and Redesign provides recommendations to home sellers which highlight t

Staging on a budget!Hello. I'm Karen Kryshka, owner of Home Impressions Staging and Redesign. I have a passion to help home owners sell their home!

My philosophy is to provide logical advice to home owners to ensure that they spend their dollars wisely on any changes. The trick is to rearrange, reuse and recycle. Who wants to spend alot of money on a house they are selling? Use that money for the new house!

Who is Home Impressions Staging and Redesign?Although new to the home staging business, Karen is not new to the business world. She is a seasoned professional human resources consultant and certified coach practitioner with many years of providing advice to senior management of a major financial institution. Providing advice and recommendations comes naturally to Karen and clients appreciate her down to earth and consultative style. Karen has a strong work ethic and a passion and dedication to providing services and support - whether in the corporate world, her own family or home owners wanting their home staged.


Home Impressions Staging and Redesign offers the following services:

Comprehensive professional on-site evaluation of each room in your home as well as the exterior, including written suggestions for each room in the house and exterior improvements. Cost of this service depends on the number of rooms and is advised at time of booking appointment.

In addition to the above service, home owners can request any of the following additional services:

-coordination or completion of any changes/improvements as a result of the evaluation
-storage of furnishings
-rental of furnishings
-moving/rearranging of existing furnishings

The cost of these services are based on the amount of work to be done. A quotation will be provided to the home owner before starting the work.

We look forward to helping you sell your home!
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