Angella Clarke

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Angella Clarke
Sheboygan, WI

Interior Design, Re-Design and Staging Made Easy

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Following Angie’s intervention, our home’s transformation was unbelievable.We had a lot more space, functionality, and warmth which we believe will attract potential buyers and lead them to desire our home over others.I was particularly pleased (and surprised) that Angie worked so tirelessly on our home until the job was complete.She was willing to listen to our suggestions and easily melded her professional skills with our comfort level. Her expertise as a real estate professional also helped guide us as we took the next step in signing on with an agent.I would definitely recommend her...

My flair for knowing what to do to your home to refresh and revive it is obvious to the many design, redesign and staging clients I have already served. This may be due, in part, to the many years as a real estate professional and top producer. Be sure that when you do enlist the assistance of either of these professionals that you are indeed hiring one with the proper credentials. Time for a change? No need to look further, call me today.


All services are confidential, unless you choose to have your home featured on this site and other websites. In home service, offering bids and consultations, delivery and pick up of furniture and accessories, full staging services-licensed and insured, design projects, full staging inventory for homes, offices, businesses. No limit to where we will travel and what we can achieve. Bonded and Insured.


"Calling Angie was a suggestion by a friend of mine that knew that Angie was into staging. When I first met Angie, I thought she was out of her mind, asking me to pack up my kids pictures, remove furniture, paint, pack up kids toys, take away all of my collectibles. There was no way that I was going to do this. About 5 days later, my realtor called, (my house had been on the market 8 months) he asked me to consider another price reduction, this time, 5000.00. I couldn't understand why it hadn't sold, the agent was doing a great job, we were averaging 3-4 showings a month. Angie popped into my head and I asked him if he heard anything about staging properties. He said no, but that he had seen programs on tv about this and that it appeared to be a good idea. I did not want to do all of the work suggested but I really did not want to reduce the price of my home, so I called Angie back and asked her to go ahead and give me the written report. She charged me 375.00, outlining what each room needed. She suggested hitting the thrift stores for baskets, boxes anything that I could store items in. I grabbed a couple gallons of paint and the kids and I started packing away our stuff. I managed to get the kitchen and living room painted. Rearranged the furniture. Called Angie back, to have her take a look at what we did to see if there was anything I missed doing. I called back my realtor, he was amazed. I spent about 130.00 on storage bins, paint, and some misc. items. I have to admit that after doing what was suggested, my house did look awesome. Within 3 weeks we had an accepted offer on my home, without having to reduce the price again. My only regret is that I did not consider this sooner." Susan L.

Susan L.

"Angella transformed my downstairs into a totally different environment. And by using all items I'd already had in the house". She envisioned layouts, colors and arrangements I would have never thought of. I'm certain the amazing staging efforts helped get us an offer within 3 weeks of placing it on the market." Kathryn S.

Kathryn S.

"I wanted to take the time, again, to say Thanks !! for your help in getting the house sold in record time. The place certainly is worth it and your staging showed that to the new buyers. That's why I believe it went so fast and for far more than many thought we could get. Your kindness and consideration in the process of staging was appreciated. Much of our stuff is dated and personal. You were very respectful and tactful in deciding which of our items should stay or go. It was an experience I would recommend to anyone. Your items are tasteful, colorful and fun; unfortunately we had to give them back... it's proof positive that it works."

Roseann D.

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