Shirley Salmon

home stager , interior redesigner

Shirley Salmon
Dallas, TX

Simplify your sale

Hi, I'm Shirley Salmon of Shirley's Touch, a home staging and interior redesign company. I believe selling a home can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. My approach is to enhance the positive aspects of the home with the least amount of expense.

Shirley's Touch partners with your realtor to make your home sale as easy and simple as possile. By using my services, I assess your home and determine what is needed to attract a potential buyer to purchase your home instead of the competition's home.

My decorating aspirations started in high school in Home Economics. I decorated and re-decorated my room at least ten times during those years. Even though my career path went another direction, I'm pleased I have ended updoing exactly what I love.

I was educated in Dallas, Texas and at the University of Arkansas. I have a background of owning and operating six restaurants, owning an insurance agency and being a real estate broker. I was also fortunate enough to be involved in the advertising and marketing industry that took me all over the United States to sell my wares. I believe this diverse background gives me an advantage of understanding the mechanics of what it takes to stage and sell a home.


Shirley's Touch's services are simple. My goal is to determine what it would take to give the seller's home the cutting edge over the competition.

I will provide a two hour consultation and assessment of the seller's home to detrmine what needs to be done to appeal to a larger market of potential buyers. After the assessment, I will provide a written report to the seller with a plan of action.

Should the seller choose, I will co-ordinate the tradesmen paint or repair those areas of the home that need improvement. I will also shop for accessories or furniture, if needed. A final inspection by Shirley's Touch will be provided to make sure all work and decorating has been completed.