Testimonials for Diane Payne

I hired Diane Payne to do some furniture placements in my living room and family room. I was very satisfied with the outcome. I found Diane to be very creative and confident in her redesigning skills. I appreciated her openness to my suggestions and her ability to work alongside me. I love my two rooms. They now make sense. They are very inviting and each have a beautiful focal point.

Rebecca Borchert

When we initially purchased our home we had a blank canvas to work with. Our home was empty, complete with builder's paint and little landscaping. Diane came into our house and transformed it into a home. She provided consultation and guidance for paint colours, furniture placement and accessorizing as well as suggested purchases. She also developed a plan for our yard. We love our new home and we have Diane to thank for this. She not only came into our home, but into our lives. Thank you for making our home a place that we love.

Ian & Sarah Ardill

I have known Diane Payne for almost 20 years, during which I have never once seen someone as talented at Interior Design and Interior Decorating. As a realtor I can attest to the fact that any home that she works on consistently gets more money and is a faster sale than any other home that is comparable. Whether you are redoing and reorganizing your home to stay in and enjoy or to help to sell I would give Diane a 100 percent stamp of approval! -- Marion L. Carcone RE/MAX York Group Realty Inc. 905-727-1941 marioncarcone@gmail.com www.MarionLCarcone.com Private Home Office 905-713-3521

Marion Carcone

Diane can enter a room and see how to improve it's appeal in terms of organization, flow and make it look fabulous. Diane knew how to make my bedroom serene, attractive and function well. I have seen many rooms that she has done and each one is really lovely.

Cheryl Morrison

So, what do you do when you know what you want your home to look like and feel like, but have no idea how to get there? I was fortunate enough to know Diane Payne. I have used her services twice already for colour consultation for both our home and cottage. I was impressed with her ability to help us choose a floor tile to accompany our bathroom vanity and then from the tile to extract the complimentary colours for the walls in our home. Our cottage is 3 hours away, so for her to help me with that, I brought her a couch pillow. We sat at Starbucks pouring over colour options for the entire cottage. Both our home and cottage have the warm feel I was looking for. I am extremely satisfied with the help that was given to me. Diane helped me choose what I wanted. I never felt that she was trying to get me to choose what she would have chosen. I would highly recommend Diane.

Linda Kreick

This was my first time having a design consultation for my home. I don't have a great eye for design, and moving into a new house it was difficult for me to know where to start. I called Diane to help me with my colour choices. It was one of my best decisions. She was patient and her eye for detail was amazing. She coordinated colours to match my existing kitchen, floors, furniture and framed pictures. She knew how to make colours work in both light and dark spaces. I was amazed at what a difference it made. I have received many compliments from friends. Some have even copied my colour choices. I would definately call Diane again.

Michelle Brigham