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Julia Bellucci

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , landscape designer , professional organizer

Julia Bellucci

Virginia Beach, VA


FOCAL POINT DESIGNS is a Home Staging and Interior Redesign company with over 7 years experience in Real Estate and Design.

We offer services to a wide range of clientele, including home owners, real estate agents, builders and landlords.

At Focal Point Designs, we provide professional and individualized Home Staging and Interior Redesign to meet the needs of all of our clients.


A) Lower your price
B) Make your property more desirable - BEAT your competition!

Home Staging

First Impressions are extremely important when selling or renting a property. Most people make a decision in the first 8 seconds of seeing a property, so to beat your competition, your property has to show very well.

Home Staging is about creating curb appeal, fantastic first impressions and an inviting atmosphere that entices a prospective buyer or renter to make an offer on your property.

TRY Home Staging BEFORE you reduce your price. Staging creates the right wow factor to help you to sell your home faster and for potentially more money!

Interior Redesign

Interior Redesign is the art of selecting and aligning your furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories to create a functional and beautiful living space. It can include purchasing of new furniture and accessories when required.

We also offer kitchen and bathroom makeovers on a budget.

VISIT our SERVICES page for a FULL description of all the great services and prices we offer to get your property SOLD or RENTED faster!


Focal Point Designs is dedicated to unlocking your property's full potential with professional Staging and Resale Redesign.

Our services include:


Comprehensive property assessment, including curb appeal, room by room assessment, furniture placement, color advice, and suggestions on relevant repairs to your property, specific to your individual staging needs.

We provide a detailed report of recommendations of the interior and exterior of your property.

Staging a home for sale

Your professionally staged home will spend on average of 50% less time on market than non-staged homes.

Staging increases the selling price of your home by an average of 6.9% over non-staged homes on the market.

If your home as been on the market for sometime, instead of reducing your price, stage your home to attract more buyers and for the best price. You can include the cost of the staging in your sale price, and sell your property faster than your competition.

Re-sale Redesign

Re-sale redesign is part of the staging process. Once your property has been assessed for repairs, color changes and areas that require staging, Focal Point Designs will redesign your spaces to give them that Wow Factor, that appeals to and attracts the most potential buyers to your home.

Resale redesign includes:

* FREE Real Estate Marketing photos
* Curb appeal techniques
* Creating a Focal Point
* De-cluttering your rooms, while leaving important items on display
* Creating a warm entrance to your home
* Re-arranging your furniture to create cozy conversational groups
* Room set up
* Recommending color selections and using color creatively
* Accessorizing – chair covers, cushions, bedding, candles, art work, plants and other accessories
* Recommending floor types and colors
* Recommending selections for appropriate light fixtures and lamps (most homes are poorly lit)
* Creating an attractive outdoor living space with planters, lawn furniture and accessories
* Buying or renting additional furniture if needed
* Special staging techniques designed to generate interest and attachment in buyers.
* Making your home ‘move in ready’ ready, which is what most buyers are looking for!

Staging Rental Properties

Staging is not just successful for properties that are for sale. It also helps a landlord to attract the ideal tenants. A staged property gives the impression that it is well cared for and the expectation that the new tenants will treat it the same way.

If your property will be leased unfurnished, staging gives your prospective tenants a view as to how their furniture could fit into the space and provides a welcoming feeling and visual experience, rather than just showing them empty spaces.

Services are the same as for 'Resale redesign' listed above.

Staging for Builders, Model Homes & Your Buyer's Homes

Focal Point Designs offers Staging for model homes, condos, and real estate agent's clients, and is more effective than interior design for selling your project faster and at the best price.

Properties are more appealing to buyers with the correct color choices, furniture and accessories, than empty spaces, which appear cold and uninviting.

Close your deals sooner by staging your properties or offering to your clients to have their existing property staged by the professionals at Focal Point Designs.

Services are the same as for 'Resale redesign' listed above.

Interior Redesign

NOT SELLING YOUR HOME? We offer Interior Redesign services for people who are interested in giving their property a fresh new look. Our Color Consultant can give you great ideas and advice on how to transform your space, with your color choices and style.

Interior Redesign services include:

* Initial Consultation to discuss your design requirements; room measurements taken.
* Before and after photographs.
* Second consultation to discuss floor plans, design changes, colors, window treatments, lighting, flooring, furniture and accessories.
* Purchasing new furniture and accessories on request.
* Arrange, manage and oversee contractors for the redesign
* Full Client consultation during the redesign process.

We also offer kitchen and bathroom makeovers on a budget.


* Initial visit with client at the property to conduct a comprehensive exterior and interior assessment which includes the basement & garage.
* All areas photographed as a reference guide
* A FREE 40 Page DIY report that includes recommendations of preparatory work needed to make the property ready for sale/re-sale, and identifies areas that would benefit from a resale redesign.
Cost: $150 (Typically takes 1-2 hours).

PREPARATION WORK - Co-ordination of related professional services for preparation work, (such as cleaner, painter, carpenter, etc).
Cost: $75.00 per hour - Individual services providers charge for their work separately.


Services are $75.00 per hour ($55.00 per hour if the client assists the stager) and the total cost is dependent on the amount of work that has been identified in the initial consultation.

See list above for complete Resale Redesign Services.


Individualized estimates are available upon request. Services are $75.00 per hour. Furniture and accessories are priced separately.


Individualized estimates are available upon request. Services are $75.00 per hour. Furniture and accessories are priced separately.


See list above for complete Interior Redesign Services. Services are $75.00 per hour.


Focal Point Designs gave my home the WOW factor it needed to sell fast. My home had been on the market for over 3 months with little interest. Once Focal Point Designs did a complete resale redesign on my home, it sold in under 2 weeks! Fantastic!

Sally Fredricks - Bristol, NH

Thank you Focal Point Designs. We love our new kitchen layout and design. We have more room to cook meals for our friends and a kitchen we are proud of.

Rick and Jen Dallas - Virginia Beach, VA