Ragena Keller

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Ragena Keller
Ozark, MO

"A Flair of Finesse"
Our mission at GOLOGI Designs is to deliver excellent workmanship with integrity and quality of des

My name is Ragena Keller and I am the owner of GOLOGI Designs. My husband Bryan and I have lived in Missouri since 1998 and consider Ozark our home. We have two sons; Matthew 18 who will be studying in Pre-Medical within the next two years, and our 24 year old son Jason, who currently serves in our US Military as Petty Officer in Special Forces. I have been married to my husband for 24 years.Enrolling in the QC Design School will take me where I need to go in this field of work. Our aim at GOLOGI Designs is to please you in whatever type of service you require. Your style is our specialty.

Decorating and Designing have always been a passion of mine since I was a young girl. It has always been fun to go into my friends’ homes as a teen girl and if we got bored, I’d suggest that we could rearrange their bedroom furniture and decorate. One of my aunts would let me organize her bedroom and bathroom drawers, help her clean, and organize around her house. Several times I would surprise my mother when she would come home from work and love to see how everything was rearranged, clean, tidy and organized. Today, that desire is still in my heart. I love to help others transform their castles, whether big or small, into a beautiful place to live. In my previous homes, I would rearrange, redecorate and change styles just to try different looks and colors. I have always been one to love organization and have assisted many friends and family members in this area as well. This decorating and designing business has become a reality today and I will purpose to make GOLOGI’s mission my focus.


GOLOGI Designs has several services to offer. Interior decorating and spatial planning are what we offer in a nutshell with all the in betweens. A Design Consultation is what we initially do when we come to bring you a FREE home appointment. We will visit with you and listen to what your plans for decorating your home are. We can assist you in bringing your ideas to life. We will offer you expertise advice on all your ideas and plans.
Home Staging and Redesign is one of the many services that we offer. We will come in and redesign your home to attract the buyers’ eye and make them fall in love with it. Most of all we want you to get more than what you are asking for your home and that can happen when the mood is set right in design and décor.
Paint Colors is an area that many are afraid to adventure in. Colors can be intimidating when you don’t know what color blends look great together. We can aid you in color selections for each room or just accent the focal point in the main rooms of the house like the living room, dining room and kitchen. Colors can be fun and bring the rooms of your home to life.
If you are looking for new or used furniture to go with the new or used décor in your home, we can assist you in this as well. Whether it is one piece or many, we can help you in Furniture Selections and give you reputable furniture places that offer you what you are looking for. We believe in getting the best price for whatever it is that you are looking for.
Accessories’ are what make the small touches to your home a big deal. Whether it’s a tablecloth, vase, pillows or books, it tells a story. Accessories can add a touch of class and bring a new look to any room whether it is one piece or many. We can give you an updated or altogether new style on any budget.
Pictures describe the personality of the homeowners. There are arrays of styles and framework that can decorate any room according to your taste. We can assist you in the places we shop and the artwork that you are looking for.
Window Treatments can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary place in your rooms. This is another area that we offer to you in changing the design to the style you love. Or add to what you don’t have. We assist you in doing it ourselves and can network with other companies that can do the larger job for you.
With the many types of Floor Finishes there are; you can choose from a range of styles that will complement your newly decorated areas. Whether a throw rug, area rug, carpet or new flooring in the different textures and styles that are available; GOLOGI can help you with the best type of flooring to meet your need for a room or rooms of your home.
Lighting can be everything when it comes to the different rooms of your home. Lighting can accentuate the areas of a room to make them stand apart from the rest. Effective planning is important and we can assist you with professionals who can make your home a beautiful place and set the mood to accentuate any room.
Lastly, GOLOGI Designs are Professional Organizers and we will come and help you de-clutter your entire home and make a place of ease to what you need to keep and what you need to rid your cluttered space of. We can show you how to have a garage sale to make extra money for what you no longer want or need.


My name is Bonnie Flood and my home needed some professional help with redesigning. I have tried many times to redesign my living room and I just couldn’t get everything to blend together. When Ragena came to my home she saw things that I could never see or even dream of doing myself. She has a great talent to look at something and see what it would look like before it was finished. She took one thing in my living room and went to town with it. She has totally transformed my living room and all I can say is WOW! She moved things around and made everything flow together. The places that stick out to me are the fireplace area. She made a focal point area by adding an accent color to the fireplace wall and changed a few small decorative items to blue to blend nicely together with the other décor items of the living room. Now it stands out when you first come into my home. It’s beautiful. The entry way is another area that looks totally different. I have tried so many times to do something for my entry way because it looks so plain, but now I just love it. My living room is now attractive and I feel that I can invite guests over. I am having Ragena come and redesign my whole house. I can’t wait to see what she is going to do with it. Our next project is my kitchen and I am looking forward to see what suggestions she comes up with. It has always been a dream in my heart to have a beautiful home and Ragena is making it possible for me.

Dreams Do Come True, Bonnie Flood

Finding ourselves juggling between the normalcies of life with children, careers, other households and family duties; my husband and I were unable to devote time to finding the right style for our new home. After getting to know my family, Ragena was able to get a feel for our living room and bedroom needs based on our personalities. In just a short time, she gave us just what our house needed; a sophisticated, warm and inviting feeling. Thank you so much Ragena! -Sandra and Joey Ladish