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Testimonials for Rachael Kalinsky

"My husband and I were extremely excited when we purchased our second home. We didn’t think we would have any trouble selling our existing townhouse until the real estate market crashed and there were 44 houses for sale, in our price range and area alone. Our new house was almost ready and we were about to be paying two mortgages. We decided that instead of lowering our asking price we would hire a professional home stager. Rachael opened our eyes to the minor repairs and adjustments that potential buyers look for and we ended up selling our house for our original asking price. I can’t wait for Rachael to come to our new house and help me get organized!"

Shawna Kilpatrick, Aurora

“Being a teacher and a mother of two babies can be both physically and mentally draining, and while staying organized should be a top priority it seemed nearly impossible to maintain an organized home with all the toys, paperwork and school supplies. Thank goodness for Rachael from Order in the House... She not only helped me get organized, she also taught me how to stay organized even in the busiest of times. In addition, she completely reorganized my grade 1 classroom, which has cut the time I spend tidying up and looking for things in half. She is absolutely phenomenal and I’m proud to announce that it has been 3 months since I hired her and my house and classroom are still in order!”

Lisa Gelberman, Thornhill

“I love Rachael’s positive attitude and that nothing seems too difficult for her to tackle. I am a teacher and I hired Rachael to help me organize my classroom, which was full of materials, games and books that the last teacher left behind. I didn’t know where to begin, but Rachael guided me as we categorized each item and put them into labeled containers on the shelves. We struggled to find anything before and now everything is easily accessible to both the students and teachers. Rachael helped me achieve a sense of freedom as my classroom became less cluttered, like I could finally breath and relax. I know that the space did not become so unorganized overnight, but I promise to maintain it.”


“I used the services of Order in the House to create a bedroom for my two grandsons. From our first meeting to the end of the project I was completely delighted with Rachael. Her professionalism, creativity and kindness exceeded all my expectations. She did all the shopping, sourcing, assembly and set up. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. In fact, my daughter was so impressed with the quality and look of the room that she has hired Rachael to help with her house. I wholeheartedly recommend Order in the House to anyone that is looking for a creative and caring designer.”

Molly Anisman, Thornhill

“My fiancé and I moved from our individual family homes into a small, one bedroom apartment together. I was panicking about where I was going to find the room to put everything so I contacted Order in the House. Looking back, I don’t know what I would have done without Rachael. She helped us downsize by guiding us through what we really needed to bring and what we could get rid of. Rachael helped us unpack and design the layout in our new place – she completely organized our small closet space, assisted in the layout of our furniture and accessorized our kitchen and bathroom in the most efficient and attractive manner. I am so pleased with Rachael’s work, not only because of her fantastic organizing ideas, but because it’s so easy to maintain and our place is still looking fabulous!"

Lauren Lanys

"When VILLAGEGALLERIES needed professional help in organizing and setting up and three day photography gallery and reception, we went to Order in the House. Rachael’s design sense turned two empty rooms into a beautiful gallery that successfully told our story. She organized and mounted 125 photographs of varying sizes, and gave us three beautiful reception areas. Our events success was due, in small part, to Order in the House.”

Jeffrey Young, Toronto

"I recently downsized from the 4 bedroom house where I raised my children, into a 2 bedroom condominium with my new husband. I was feeling overwhelmed so I decided that hiring a home organizer would be money well spent. I was right! Right from our initial consultation, Rachael was very reassuring that my move could be quick and seamless. She guided me through what to take and what to get rid of, helped me pack efficiently and spent moving day with me. On moving day, Rachael suggested that all boxes be placed in the solarium in one central place, out of the way. While I directed the movers in the placement of the furniture, Rachael began unpacking boxes. By the end of the day I all boxes were unpacked. My move took place on a Friday and by Saturday afternoon my new condo looked and felt like home. Pictures were hung and I was even able to have my family over for brunch. Rachael's ability to think ahead kept me on track and it was the best money I spent in connection with my move. I would highly recommend Order in the House for any type of moving, organizing or staging services."

A VERY HAPPY CLIENT, M. Selby, Toronto

“I was referred to Order in the House by another Real Estate Agent who often uses Rachael's Organizing & Staging services. She was reliable, knowledgeable and delivered what she promised. I put my trust in her and was so happy with the end results. I have also had great feed back from my clients who love her!!!!”

Kendra Connelley, RoyalLePage, Toronto