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Rachael Kalinsky

home stager, interior redesigner, professional organizer

Rachael Kalinsky

Toronto, ON

Helping you create order in your home!

About Order in the House
Order in the House helps busy people who are frustrated and overwhelmed with the lack of time they have to maintain an orderly home. We provide our clients with valuable, professional advice by helping you de-clutter, create customized solutions to suit your lifestyle and encourage positive habits to maintain an organized space, so you can live a more balanced life.

We are unique as Home Stagers and Move Consultants as we incorporate our organizing expertise throughout every aspect of the home selling and moving process. We will help you sell your home quickly, for top dollar, reduce the stress of moving and have you feeling comfortable and settled in your new home in a matter of days.

About Rachael
Hi, I’m Rachael Kalinsky, owner and principal organizer & stager of Order in the House. I am often asked how I became a professional organizer and my response is simple. I’ve always been innately organized and I wanted to use my skills and passion, along with my years of experience in project management to help others simplify their lives.

I am a trained Professional Organizer, a certified Staging and Redesign Professional and currently sit as the Chair of the Toronto Chapter of Professional Organizers in Canada.

Whether its helping you clear the clutter that’s been holding you back, setting up a paper-flow and filing system so you can FINALLY stay afloat or reducing the stress of an overwhelming move, I am extremely grateful knowing that my work is making a positive difference in the lives of others. I believe that the legacy of any life is in the people it inspires and I look forward to helping you live a more balanced life.



Home Stagers are individuals who help their clients prepare their home for sale in order to sell it quickly and for the best price. Order in the House will not only get you the best return on your investment; we can also guide you through the entire moving process to help save you time, money and energy. Our services include:

De-clutter, Coordinate Moving & Downsizing Sales, Junk Removal or Donation Drop offs/pick ups
De-cluttering is the first step in preparing a home for sale. We begin by helping you decide what to eliminate and what to take to your new home. Once you have decided what NOT to keep, Order in the House can arrange yard sales, junk removal and donation drop off/pick ups. This step will help to avoid paying to store or move items that will no longer serve you in your new space.

Depersonalize and Efficiently Pack
Now that you have freed yourself from the stuff that doesn’t enhance you life, we will help you efficiently pack the possessions that do. Anything personal that does not need to be used on a day to day basis, such as family photos or collections, can be packed away while the house is on the market.

Address Necessary Repairs & Arrange Movers
Order in the House takes pride in our established relationships and preferred rates with tradespeople such as painters, handymen and movers. Allow us to save you time by making the arrangements for you.

Highlight the Homes Best Features & Focal Points
We make lighting, paint color and layout recommendations and organize and optimize storage spaces to showcase their capacity. We can arrange for rental furniture, art and accessories, but we do our best to make use of what you have to keep your costs low.

Make your new House a Home
Let us direct movers as they offload, help unpack and place your possessions in an efficient and attractive manner, install furniture and lighting, hang pictures and have you settled and feeling at home often in as little as 2 days.

Consultations for do it yourself Staging
Do you feel you would rather do the work yourself, but could benefit from some advice from a home stager? We come to your home to perform a thorough written assessment including recommended repairs, paint colors and furniture layouts as well as tips to de-clutter and depersonalize. If you get stuck, you can always call us for a follow up consultation any step of the way.

Additional Staging Services
Model suite or open house staging, staging for builders, investors and flippers, photo shoot, showroom and gallery design.



Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find what you’re looking for when you most need it? Imagine sitting down at the end of a long day without that nagging feeling that you should tidy up the family room, office or closet first? Simply looking for an innovative storage solution?

Here’s how Order in the House can help turn those dreams into reality:

Editing & De-cluttering We’ll support you in deciding on which of your possessions suit your current lifestyle and help you to let go of those you really don’t want or need.

Room by Room Organizing & Space Planning Whether it be your basement, the kids play room or your master bedroom, we’ll help you create a space that reflects your lifestyle so you feel calm and in control, while making the most efficient use of your space.

Closet & Storage Solutions
 Now that your home has been cleansed of unnecessary belongings we will implement affordable solutions to help you maintain an organized home.

Organizing of Collections, Memorabilia & Photographs We can scrapbook your favorite photos, recommend ways to have them digitally preserved and offer unique solutions to showcase your collections and memorabilia.

Personal Shopping Whether its selecting organizing accessories or choosing the perfect piece of furniture you’ve been searching for, allow
Order in the House to save you time and energy by doing the shopping for you or going along with you.

Continuing Support Schedule continuing sessions at intervals of your choice to help maintain order in you home.


Whether you’re a small business owner, someone who works from home or a parent struggling to manage the household schedules and paperwork,
Order in the House can help you create an inspiring and productive workspace.

Layout Design & Workflow Systems
Learn how to set up your office to be most productive. We can work with what you have or guide you through your purchase of office furniture, storage solutions and other accessories that will help you maintain an organized and efficient office space.

Paper Flow & Customized Filing Systems
Set up paper and electronic filing systems for quick and easy placement and retrieval. Overloaded with paper or e-mails? Order in the House can offer advice on what documents to keep and what to toss.

Time Management & Scheduling
With work, appointments, family obligations and the kids many activities, managing your time and schedule can be an exhausting task. Order in the House can help create a scheduling and time management system that will reduce stress and simplify your daily and weekly routine.

Continuing Support
Schedule continuing sessions at intervals of your choice to help keep you and your office operating productively.


"My husband and I were extremely excited when we purchased our second home. We didn’t think we would have any trouble selling our existing townhouse until the real estate market crashed and there were 44 houses for sale, in our price range and area alone. Our new house was almost ready and we were about to be paying two mortgages. We decided that instead of lowering our asking price we would hire a professional home stager. Rachael opened our eyes to the minor repairs and adjustments that potential buyers look for and we ended up selling our house for our original asking price. I can’t wait for Rachael to come to our new house and help me get organized!"

Shawna Kilpatrick, Aurora

“Being a teacher and a mother of two babies can be both physically and mentally draining, and while staying organized should be a top priority it seemed nearly impossible to maintain an organized home with all the toys, paperwork and school supplies. Thank goodness for Rachael from Order in the House... She not only helped me get organized, she also taught me how to stay organized even in the busiest of times. In addition, she completely reorganized my grade 1 classroom, which has cut the time I spend tidying up and looking for things in half. She is absolutely phenomenal and I’m proud to announce that it has been 3 months since I hired her and my house and classroom are still in order!”

Lisa Gelberman, Thornhill

“I love Rachael’s positive attitude and that nothing seems too difficult for her to tackle. I am a teacher and I hired Rachael to help me organize my classroom, which was full of materials, games and books that the last teacher left behind. I didn’t know where to begin, but Rachael guided me as we categorized each item and put them into labeled containers on the shelves. We struggled to find anything before and now everything is easily accessible to both the students and teachers. Rachael helped me achieve a sense of freedom as my classroom became less cluttered, like I could finally breath and relax. I know that the space did not become so unorganized overnight, but I promise to maintain it.”


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