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Diana Cruz

color consultant, feng shui consultant, interior decorator

Diana Cruz

Abbotsford, BC

Perfect Balance Design

I am a firm believer that you don't need a huge budget to create your perfect space.
You don't need to go out and buy all new furniture.
You don't need to have a magazine cover home because let's face it, it has all been done before and too many people are trying to aquire that exact look. These days what gives new design a fresh punch is how personal it can be.

Most of the time you already have all the acessories, all the furniture pieces and the right idea to a perfect design, but have trouble really putting it together. Of course, that is where I come in and assist you and teach you on how to organize your valuables and set the perfect livng space.
Truth is, the right design is the Perfect Balance between the magazine cover home and how your home is now.


My services expand from simple suggestions to full blown redecorating.

Most of the time I have done colour consults with added hand drawn pictures of what the living space can look like. These drawings come with suggested furniture placement, acessories, and of course paint colour. It is perfect for the DIY that simply needs that motivation and excitement to get the project started.

I also do exterior drawings to assist in colour choices (see portfolio). They are simple drawings to give the idea of what colour combinations can do to your house, and to show possible additions or exterior renovations.

Lastly, I can bring it all together in a large redecoarting package. We discuss colour choices, furniture placement/movement, acessory placement and possible new purchases. All these changes of course begin with what you already own even if it means taking the mirror from the guest bedroom and moving it to its perfect home in the dining area.