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Nola Sears

home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Nola Sears

Houston, TX

Interior design has a profound impact on a person's life. I want to create a well designed surrounding in which a person can enjoy living,

Full service interior decorating and space planning is our specialty.

“Personal Home Decor Shopper & Decorator for a Day” is an exclusive service well thought out with hourly rates and in home consultations.

Nola Sears founded Katya Designs in 2004. Originally, Nola designed residential spaces with the assistance of family and friends. Later, her designs expanded to commercial spaces. Nola's design style has a high-end look while designing on any budget.

Our mission is to provide customized service on any budget. Everyone's home should be personalized to their taste and design style. Katya Designs provides free consultation to find your style and incorporate that style into the plan.

When we are wearing the perfect outfit, we feel beautiful, we walk differently, we even have an aura of confidence about us. That concept or feeling is the same when we have the perfect design in our home or office.

That statement hits closer to the heart, if it's our very own space. We are not ashamed of having house guest.


Katya Designs also specialize in home staging. A well designed home could get top dollar in resale. By staging your home, you could make an average of $5,000— $10,000 more than the competitor’s empty and/or cluttered home.

Katya Designs helps homeowners and realtors who have not been able to sell their home in a softening real estate market. Nola suggest paying attention to the little things and repair simple fixes (which does not require a carpenter or contractor in most cases) to get the home ready for the open house.


When I started my new business I had no idea how to even imagine decorating it. Thanks to Nola, it's no longer just an office space it's a good conversational piece. It's beautiful, creative, and it generates a relaxed, comfortable environment. Thanks again Nola, couldn't have done it without ya!

__ LaTonya Taylor, TX