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Melissa Smith

makeup artist

Melissa Smith

Nashville, TN

Glamoured By Phiza we service all your beauty needs.

I am Melissa Smith I am a Cosmetologist and have always loved to do Hair and Makeup. As a teenager I would do all my friends hair and makeup all the time. I love to play with colors and be able to blend them to make new interesting colors. I am wanting to start my own business with hair and makeup being my focal point. I love to use Mac and Urban Decay Make up lines these blend really well and are very good to work with. I also use many different lines depends on the look we are going for.

I am the Mother of 4 children. I teach my kids at home and need to have a job close to home as possible. I have been Married for 17 years and have always loved to do hair. I started doing my friends makeup when I was 15 years old. When we went to parties I would do everyone's Makeup. I will work my hardest to give my client the experience they so desire an if needed can do hair and Makeup on the go or in the Salon. My Salon. I am a hard worker and do enjoy my work so give me a chance.


Make Up Application
Hair Coloring
Hair Cutting