Cindy Sama

makeup artist

Cindy Sama
Odessa, TX

Every girl needs a little glitzing and glamming! Beautify yourself!

Certified Makeup artist, with the ability to find what some might consider an imperfection and conceal it flawlessly while enhancing ones natural attractiveness. Talented, Creative and knowledgeable, I will be able to transform you into a stunning diva or naturally divine beauty.

Born in Elizabeth, NJ and raised in Miami Beach, FL by a very Cuban family. My uniqueness translates into art. Most of my life I have been surrounded by different cultures and ethnicities, which all make up my eclectic creations and fuel my imagination. I have seen and worked with many different skin tones and colors, making me diverse and experienced in determining proper techniques to achieve personally tailored results.


I offer a full spectrum of services, varying from tutorials and consultations, eyebrow shaping and makeup applications for all occasions including but not limited to Weddings, Quinces, photo shoots and Birthdays.