Vanessa Torron-Chesnais

home stager

Vanessa Torron-Chesnais
Outremont, Montréal, QC
(514) 594 22 23

Add value to your Home by making it more appealing. Bring out the best to sell it faster and at the best price.

Maybe due to my French roots, I’ve always been fascinated by interior design and real estate.
Having lived in different continents: Europe, Asia, North America, my passion for design has deepened and my creative knowledge has become enriched.
Strengthened by these experiences and having undertaken numerous moves, I realize how essential it is to bring out the best features that a house has to offer. It’s also truly important that no matter who the buyers are, they should be able to imagine themselves living in yours house.

Therefore, upon arriving in Canada I was naturally attracted to Home Staging which combines both real estate and interior design.

Because North America is the birth place of Home Staging, I decided to follow my training course at the renowned QC design School.

For me, Home Staging is the art of creating the right ambiance to convince buyers.


-Making your home more appealing is an asset when selling.
Step 1: Evaluation
First contact with the client to do a detailed account with a list of improvements to be carried out (cleaning, decluttering, repairs, painting).
Cost: $60 per hour.
Step 2: Carrying out the modifications
-Decluttering: making the area more spacious.
-Cleaning: make the house as clean as it can be, and take pets away.
-Tiding-up: putting things away to make the place presentable.
-Repairs: ensuring the lights and appliances, etc. work and fixing any problems.
-Painting : changing the colours, if necessary.(walls, ceiling, furniture).
The owners can do it themselves or we can do it for them.
Cost: $40 per hour
Step 3: Bring out the value
The goal is to create a neutral ambiance in which the potential owners can easily imagine themselves living.
By creating the right setting for the furniture and harmonize space and colours.
Cost: $60 per hour
The buying of furniture and decorative objects are at the owners’ cost. We can also provide them.