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Kristen Buckingham

interior decorator

Kristen Buckingham

Mississauga, ON

Function and comfort can exist in the same design, together let’s make it happen!

Residential and business decorating does not have to be a stressful, costly ordeal. I will assist you with creating the look and feeling that you are looking for in any room in your home or business. Whether you are starting from the beginning with needing to purchase furniture and accessories, or making use of items that you already have, together we will achieve your decorating goals in a cost effective and timely fashion.

My name is Kristen Buckingham. I am a professionally trained Interior Decorator. I also plan on training as a professional in home Staging and Re-organizing. As well, I have a career as a Child and Youth Worker. Although working in the social service field may not seem to have a connection to Interior Decorating, in fact it does. Many people seek the assistance of an Interior Decorator because they do not like a room’s look or how it makes them feel. I know and understand much about human behaviour and how one’s surrounding can greatly affect their behaviour, feelings, and emotions. Through furniture layout, colour selection and choice of accessories, I will achieve the décor that you desire. I have experience decorating both residential and business settings, and look forward to working with you to decorate your space.


Offered services can be as simple as a consultation regarding simple decorating or re-decorating ideas such as: possible colour selections, furniture placements, suggested window or floor treatments. As well, more extensive services are also available. I can be hired to create your design project, communicate with contractors, visit retail locations and make pre-approved purchases, and see your home through the entire decorating project.