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Tricia Bruzina

makeup artist

Tricia Bruzina

Marana, AZ

If music is the dance, then beauty is the preformance.

I have worked in the beauty industry in many ways through my life thus far. It started in the Major Motion Picture Industry when it was a family affair back in the day. My family was and is still in the MMPI as Costumers.
We worked closely with the hair and make up teams on a daily basis. That’s when I caught on to the entire look, the whole package. From there I went on as a Runway Model and print work. It wasn't until I started my own family that I got out of the hustle and bustle, to concentrate on them.
I couldn't stay settled down for long, I was itching to use my artistic abilities. That's when I started my next chapter in life. I am now a full time Cosmetologist at a salon in Tucson, Arizona.

As a cosmetologist I get to use my artistic abilities in so many different ways. Many things grab my eye which, helps me stay on the trending edge. I look at textures with depth, movement, color, transparency, length, patterns, and touch. This all assists me when I look at a person. I can really feel what they need to get their full potential of beauty. My experience and abilities can bring an entire look to them with hair, make up, and fashion advice.

I truly love my job. I still get butterflies when a client is so in love with their new look! Plus, I get the ability to help them duplicate their look at home. It's such a wonderful feeling.


You can see my services at www.TriciaBruzina.com

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I can come to you, or you have the option to come in to the salon, it is a full service salon and spa.

Thank you for visiting my page, I hope to meet you soon.