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Rosa Matthiasdottir

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Rosa Matthiasdottir


Total Design.
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Located in Reykjavik Iceland.

Selling your property:
In a very competitive market your home has to outstand others. Staging is an investment that will always be less than a price reduction. You minimize your investment and maximize your sale. Prepare your home to sell faster and for more money. A staged home will spend less time on the market. A staged home will secure the best possible selling price. If you have two identical homes for sale, the staged home will almost always sell for more and faster, than the unstaged home.

It is all about appeal. I will show you how to make your house appeal to a wider population of buyers and I will help you to create clean lines and declutter so you can create a space that flows with energy and elegance. I have learned the art of visually coordinating and redesigning a space to give it the overall “wow factor”. I use certain principles in decorating that will give any home the designer´s look and feel, that is so sought after.

The potential buyer can easily see himself living in your home, like a “turn key-ready to move into”. The staging presentation creates the emotions of urgency needed for a buyer to make an offer on the house, so the potential buyer will not loose it to someone else.

Your home:
I offer skillful advice and guidance for improving both the interior and exterior of your home. This includes optimizing your available space in terms of traffic flow, furnishings, flooring, accessories, lighting, furniture layout, curb appeal, and color or simply refresh the whole home or individual rooms.

I will help you to bring your home feel more spacious, harmonious and elegant.

How I work:
I listen to your ideas and understand your needs, then measure your home and furniture, take photos and draw a floor plan. I plan your space exactly as you would want it to be.
I then present you with a written report for you to undertake the work yourself or work with my recommended experts. This includes color consultation, furniture arrangement, professional organization, as well as landscape design and curb appeal.

If I am working on a low budget I will recycle, re-purpose and re-design what you already have to create the best possible result.

I will always work within your budget low or high, and I strive to be the best at what I do.

Commercial builings and small offices:
I will get a win win situation both for the employees as well as the customers. What is the most important element to the customers and the employees? Often little changes do not cost much but are very benificial.