Arielle Sheppard

interior decorator

Arielle Sheppard
Esterhazy, SK

VIBE - The ambiance or mood experienced in a particular environment.

I am a very creative individual that always has a project on the go whether, it be sewing drapes, refinishing old furniture or my present project flipping a house! As a young girl i always had a passion for decorating. I can remember drawing floor plans for my play house and rearranging the furniture in my bedroom every other month. In my first year of Fashion Design and Merchandising I took a course called the History of Design in which we studied architectural styles from the 1900's to present. From the moment I opened the text book I knew I would one day study and work in the Interior Decorating industry.

After receiving my diploma f


Interior Decorating and Redesign, Personal Shopping, Painting, Colour Consults, Sewing, landscaping, and Organizing