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Glenda Craven

color consultant, interior decorator

Glenda Craven

Didsbury/Olds/Red Deer/Airdrie, AB


Interior Decorator

As an in store decorating consultant I am familiar with many products available to clients; from paint to fabric,flooring and tile. I can advise you with color selection to your specifications of needs and wants. When coordinating decor products I want to give you a cohesive and functional look. I love helping with your choices and preferences; to create the look you want to acheive with your practical needs in mind. I can advise you with the simple details as well as the bigger projects requiring attention. I always want to guide, suggest and create around your tastes and lifestyle to provide you with what You desire in a decor space.

I have been working in this field for approximately 3 years and have enjoyed helping clients with their varied needs.My favorite details are the accessories, as I design the in store displays. I am passionate about showing clients what they can achieve with proper placement and selections. I want my clients to feel comfortable when they approach a project, whether it be a renovation, insurance repair, or a total fresh start up. I love to coordinate color with textures and accessories to suit the style and effect desired and imagined. I often see a client overwhelmed with choice, when they don't know where to start. I love to walk them through and give them details related to the products they want to work with. I have built my own home and understand even the smallest details required to complete a job. Working with trades and suppliers and knowing what to choose is a very big decision, and you want to make the right ones. I assure my clients if they love it, then it is never a mistake. I want to advise rather than influence clients when they make their choices. I offer them options and selections and ask for their input in terms of their general likes and dislikes to get started . Then I fine tune the selections to give specific style and coordinated designs, that give the clients what they had in mind but weren't sure how to put it together. I am often approached by friends and family as to how and what they should do when it comes to decorating a space. I am always flattered when they seek my advise, and am always happy to oblige them with my input. I am most flattered when clients recommend me to their friends; or return to the store and compliment me on how they are happy with the way their projects look. I am even happier when they invite me over or bring back a picture of the completed project. I love this work and am looking forward to creating your style your way.


I am currently in store and can also be contacted via my email. I do in home consults and assessments.
I offer color and arrangement consults as well as:
floor covering,tile,and home decor selection. I have also cleaned for a home builder and would love to help you get organized and set up in your new space.

As I am also an office assistant: I offer a unique service: I can help you with your office set up and style for efficiency and function. I am delighted to offer you my services and get your projects started.

Fees: Assessed and Quoted as per Job and Project.