C.J. Edwards

makeup artist

C.J. Edwards
Milwaukee, WI

Where creativity is infinite.

My name is Clinetta J. Edwards and I go by the name of C.J. I love beautifying all things and makeup is one of the ways I express my creativity. When providing any service I always take the time to listen to what a client wants to achieve and place my personal stamp to complete a look.

C.J. Edwards is a professional Make-Up Artist & Image Consultant based out of Milwaukee, WI where she was also raised. Her passions always steered toward making things look presentable or appealing to the eye. As a child C.J.’s interest included music, dance, photography, poetry and writing. Throughout her upbringing those things remained dear to her heart but she failed to realize that her talents were in the genre of Creative Art. It wasn’t until she hit her mid-twenties that she discovered her God given talents in beautifying things, especially people.
Down her journey of creativity she became zealous about the art in Fashion and Make-up. It wasn’t long before she began some self-studies in Fashion Merchandising gliding through certification as an Image Consultant and landing another as a Master Make-up Artist. Subsequently acquiring the appropriate skills she turned her passion into the beginning of a fulfilling livelihood. So without delay, she obtained a certification through QC Makeup Academy as a Master Make-up Artist. This certification provides her not only with a new sense of confidence, but an confirmation that beautification is her called element.
C.J. Edwards has the creative skills to provide the proper makeup application for any occasion. Her works include the composition realms of Straight, Bridal, and Fashion/Glamour Make-up. C.J.’s has an unparallel passion for making individuals feel and look extraordinary. Her reputation reflected as being a gallant, modish, and heartfelt entity. This was due to her being a detailed orientated person, innate born organizer, and very resourceful. All these traits continued to be second nature.
She has began volunteering to do personal shopping for those who were too busy, styling hair, as well as coordinated looks ranging from job interviews to elegant events. C.J. strongly believed that there is an inner beauty waiting to be illustrated on the outer surface of everyone. C.J. specializes in beauty transformations of all kinds. Her objective is to encounter every avenue in the Make-up Industry learn from it and ultimate perfect it. C.J. openly says “I hate it took me so long to discover my niche, but I’m determined to perfect my craft!!!”


Full Face Makeover
Eye Makeover
Eyebrow Enchancement
Eyebrow Arching
Lash Extentions
Image Consulting