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Jennifer Gray

color consultant , interior decorator

Jennifer Gray

Athens, ON

Decor Destinations...Making your home the destination you want it to be....

I am a nurse by profession but my passion has always been interior decorating. I love spending my spare time rearranging furniture, trying new colors or going through interior decorating books. I like to work with clients and try to use as much of their decor as possible to cut down on cost. It is not always possible to buy everything new but if a client wants new we can go that route as well.

I am taking the Interior Decorating and design course though QC Design School and just completed the Professional Color Consultant Course in Toronto.
I have been doing interior decorating for clients for about one year and have had wonderful clients who have been pleased with my work. I would love to expand my career and work as a full time decorator/designer.


Designing new rooms to achieve the space you want
Rearranging furniture
Color Consultations
Decor placement
Complete Bathroom renovations
Complete Kitchen renovations
Color coordinating any room(s) in your home