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Jackie Schlosser

home stager , interior redesigner

Jackie Schlosser

Sevierville, TN

"Let me help you make your home beautiful"

Creative Color and Designs
Jackie Schlosser
Color Specialist, Staging &

Hello, I am Jackie Schlosser. I live in Sevierville, Tennessee the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains. Are you ready for some changes in your home? How about new colors for your walls? Perhaps, some new draperies or blinds. Maybe you would just like a new room design. Let me make your life a little easier and help you with those decisions. Together we can make your home beautiful!

I am a graduate of Quality of Course Design School. I have had experience in remodeling many homes. I have worked in the paint and wallpaper industry.
I have also worked in a design shop, helping to match materials, colors, wallpaper,carpet and accessories. I have a love of homes and redesign... I love to take something old or not cared for and turn it into something beautiful. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment.


I will redesign your home with the colors and things you love. I will give advice and direction on furniture choices and furniture arrangement. Together we will choose new carpet or flooring, window treatments plus accessories for your home: while staying in the price range we have discussed.
If you are selling your home, I will come and stage your home for you making it possible for a faster sale. I will help organize and de-clutter your spaces; perhaps some new furniture arrangements, different room colors, and/or additional accessories. We may also make some potential changes on landscaping if needed. Call today for a consultation!