Debbie Mader

home stager , interior redesigner , landscape designer , professional organizer

Debbie Mader
Bradford, ON

Let, Re Design with Mader D,
Enhance the beauty and value in your home.

Hello and Welcome to Re Design with Mader D

I have almost completed my Staging course and just can’t wait to use what I learned! I feel very comfortable Re Designing your space, De-Cluttering, Re Organizing, and Staging. I can give your home a complete evaluation. I can complete all tasks required to prepare your home for the best price and in a smallest amount of time. Or if you prefer, we can work together to get the job done.

I will enhance the beauty and value of your home with my organized and colourful ways.

I can evaluate your home and provide a booklet of my findings, with detailed areas of improvement. You can use this

Re Design With Mader D provides quality and cost efficient Professional services for De-cluttering, Re-organizing, Re-designing, & Staging.

My past careers in Inventory Management and as an Office Manager, along with my great organizational skills, all give me the skills to help you re-organize and de-clutter your space.

QC Quality of Course Inc. has given me the theory, now as I gain experience; I will make this company self-sufficient. Re Design With Mader D will not only be my passionate hobby, but also, become my passionate career of Stagings and Re Designs.

With a flare for colour and practical designs, I can make living space both beautiful and functional, while approaching you, with an awareness of your financial and space limitations, although creating the best space for my fast growing client base.

Re design and Staging is not a widely known profession, yet! Staging is still not advertised as much as Real Estate, although, the profession is known by most Real Estate Agents. I know of a few Stagers that work with Real Estate Brokers. I also know that their services are very costly for the average person.


The services I wish to offer are as follows:

• Staging – offering services to all homes, advertising with, or without Real Estate Agent referrals’. I will offer Staging with the idea that I use furniture & accessories from within the home, when ever possible, to avoid big costs. The stager I know has a warehouse of items. This is costly. I do not have large funds to invest with, so using existent items will save costs for both you and I. As I grow my business, I will make that investment.

• De-Cluttering – offering my services of aiding you de-clutter your spaces. Offering storage possibilities. Helping you start the process of sorting, it can be overwhelming for some. Affordable services to reach all levels of income homes. Showing you how and what to store, and what to discard. Know of no service like that.

• Organizer – offering my services of helping you get organized, either in the work force or on a personal level. Offering better storage items, process of avoiding hoardering. Prioritizing your space & recognizing the function of that space. Know of no service like that.

• Re-Design – offering my services to all homes. To those of you wanting to re-fresh your space. Creating a new space function from a current site. Adding space for growing families, or revamping a space from kids leaving the nest! No known services currently available, except for perhaps handymen contractors.