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Laura Tattersall

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Laura Tattersall

Lawndale, CA
1 (310) 662-1754

Cube - Professional Organization Service
For Busy People. Phone: (310) 662-1754

You feel overwhelmed by the ‘stuff’ in your head – desires, plans, tasks, projects, some-day dreams.
You wonder how to find time for everything you like to do?
I can help you take control of all your surroundings, and ultimately free your mind.
Is not easy and many times is an emotional situation.
But to get help, you need call me! That is the very first step... You will be glad you did...
Of course you can do all alone, but you need time and a plan...

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Cube is now serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
We offer organizing services, and also consulting services for the following:

kitchen, bedroom, garage, furniture re-design, home office, bathroom, photos, child's room, yard work, travel etc...

Filing Systems, Clutter, Time Management, Everyday Plan to a Clutter Free Office etc...

If you don’t find what you are looking for in this list contact us...


The mess in my daughter room has been driving me crazy and the task of cleaning it has been overwhelming. It was a huge cause of stress and anxiety every time I walked in there. Then Laura happened!! She blew through my house like a breath of fresh air clearing out clutter and restoring order. Her professional no nonsense approach and her enthusiasm for organization was inspiring. She jumped straight into the mammoth task and tackled it with passion and a smile, leaving no corner of the room untouched. Everything now has its place and it has made the world of difference. I now feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can breathe again. The state of disorganization took many months to build up and in one afternoon it was gone. My daughter now has a beautiful space to enjoy and I love walking into her room and feeling the sense of peace that now exists. Laura and the team at Cube POS worked tirelessly, paying close attention to detail and respectfully sorting through our possessions, utilizing the space in a more harmonious way. I cannot thank you enough or recommend you more highly. I can’t wait to have Cube come back to do the rest of my house!!!

Kim Blanchard - Operations Manager of Health Company - (Kids Room Organized Service)

I'm writing to express how wonderful and organized my life is now, due to Laura. She really took into consideration what I wanted to re-use, as much as possible, and what I already had. She took her time to hear my concerns about my lifestyle and habits. It was a fun experience considering the task at hand. She organized all the closets in my house and now I'm considering having a go at my kitchen too. She was great to work with. I would recommend her to all my friends.

Peace, Marisol Ramirez - Hair Dresser - (Closet Organized Service)

She spent a substantial amount of time working on our office organization. Her efforts improved our efficiency and productivity.

Charles - CEO - (Office Organized Service)