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Christine Borrero

home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner

Christine Borrero

Milton, GA

CB Staging & Design...let us design and stage your next adventure!!

CB Staging & Design...let us stage or design your next adventure!!

Selling your home, shining up a room, or tweaking a space to make it feel new, our design team can help.

Starting a business let us help stage your storefront, showroom, reception area, or employee lounge.

For the builder or homeowner, we can do a "vacant" home stage.

Builders, let us help pick colors, fixtures, and finishes before the show begins.

As the head of CB Staging and Design, I have completed the course in Home Staging and Re-Design with QC Design School. And, I have started my studies in Interior Design. We are very organized, creative, and enthusiastic. We welcome your ideas and will achieve your objectives.



• CB Staging & Design offers staging services as well as Interior Redesign service. For staging, you have your Consultation, Resale Redesign, and Vacant Home Resale Redesign. A Consultation will be $75/hour with a minimum of 2 hours required. For a Resale Redesign, it would be $75/hour with a minimum of 3 hours required. If you hire us for a Consultation and Resale Redesign package, we will give you 1 hour free.

• Are you a local home builder wondering what to do or where to begin? We offer full scale “vacant” staging. We will come in, offer a bid to stage your model home and, if desired, offer a color consultation to help make the home more pleasing to potential homebuyers. Homes that are furnished statistically sell faster and for more money than a vacant home. For a Vacant Home Staging, the fee would be $75/hour with a minimum of 3 hours plus all charges for furniture and accessories rental. Bids for Vacant Home staging are always free for real estate agents and homeowners.

• Builders, we can advise you on your flooring, colors, fixtures, and anything else that would give your house that little something extra to make your property more desirable to homebuyers. Our fee for this service is $75/hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

• A move is not in your immediate future? You are feeling that your surroundings are just a little tired? CB Staging & Design offers interior redesign. We use items you already have in a new and fresh way. If you are looking for an Interior Redesign, it would be $100/hour for a 2-person crew.

• We also offer color consultations and full scale interior design using color, texture, new furniture and fixtures for a fresh new space. This will be a bid format service.

• We offer a unique service - staging and design for light commercial space. We will help you arrange your office, boutique or business into a pleasant and productive environment. Whether it is a welcoming reception area or a relaxing break room for your employees, our design team can help.

• Let our team offer suggestions to redesign your storefront and/or showroom floor. We will help before the thought of furniture layout has entered your mind. We will suggest flooring, colors, fixtures, and anything else that will have the masses flocking to your door. The fee for this service will be based on the project and done in a bid form.

Let us design and stage your next adventure!!