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Charlene Craig

color consultant, home stager, interior decorator, interior redesigner

Charlene Craig

Ajax, ON

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Take the next step in making the space you have been imagining come to life!

As far back as I can remember, I have been re-designing and decorating spaces. As a young girl, I was constantly changing my room around and asking my parents if I could change the paint color! Although my initial career path took me in other directions, I continued to do decorating as a hobby and over the years have done many projects on the side for myself, friends and family.

I recently left my original career to pursue my life-long passion in decorating. To this end, I enrolled in the QC Design School and received my diploma in Interior Decorating. Since then I have done multiple projects spanning the range from simple color consults to full scale kitchen and basement design.

Myapproach to decorating is a collaborative one where I work together with the client to create the space they desire. As decorators, we all have our own personal tastes and they may not always line up with the clients preferred style. It is very important that the appropriate time is spent upfront with the client learning about what they like, how they will use the space, how they want the space to feel, budget, degree of involvement etc. to ensure that the end project meets or exceeds their expectations. Based on the information gathered from the upfront time spent with the client, they will always be presented with a couple of options to choose from and we will then work together to make any necessary modifications to make it the perfect fit for the client and to ensure that the final product looks and feels the way that they were envisioning it would.

Interior Decorator (CDECA)

My initial career was in the corporate business field consulting with Canadian and U.S. employers in Human Resources Consulting. This experience has allowed me to gain a great deal of expertize in communication, managing people and managing large multi-facted projects and teams. I

In turn, the skills drawn from my consulting career are valuable skills that I take with me to my decorating career to assist with project management of design and decorating jobs. Preparing for projects, pulling the right team together and planning the steps required to excute and complete projects on time that will meet or exceed the client expectations is what I always strive to do.


My services range from the smallest job (such as a color consultant) to full scale design projects (such as basement or kitchen design). In addition to being able to design and carry out the decorating project, I am also able to execute a number of services myself which helps to keep the costs down for the client. The client is also welcome to be involved in the execution of the project and together we will decide upon the degree of involvement. Some examples of services offered are:

Color consults
Room layouts
Furniture and accessory aelection and placement
Upholstery and drapery
Murals and other decorative paint treatments
Special occassion decorating such as Christmas, theme parties, weddings
Home staging services for sale or lease
Full scale renovation projects such as basement design, kitchen and bath renovations
Small yard urban landscaping
Assist in selection and provision of trades required for the project


Our new hallway looks so warm and welcoming now that all the finishing touches have been added. It is especially beautiful when you decorate it for Christmas. This year we were going to go away for Christmas, and therefore not decorate, but Sarah and all of her friends were so upset to hear that the decorations would not be going up that we went ahead and decorated the house anyway!

The Ward Family

We absolutely love our new kitchen. It looks warm and modern, so different from the ugly builder's kitchen that was there before. More importantly, it functions beautifully with lots of organized storage and the new layout has added additional floor space to make the room feel larger and more open.

The Horwood Family

Thank you so much for making our office look so incredible for our Christmas Open House. Our turnout was terrific and each year more clients come out to see the beautiful decorations and celebrate the Christmas season with us.

The Pension Specialists

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