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Alexandra Swenson

makeup artist

Alexandra Swenson

Dease lake, BC

"Helping women every where look and feel beautiful!"

I love to do makeup! I love watching the transformation from beginning to finish!
My personal philosophy is that less is more, even with makeup, because I believe that all women are beautiful, and I love to show them how to enhance their features so that even they can see their own natural beauty.

I am a new mom of a happy, cute baby girl! I love to show her off and I hope to make her feel beautiful every day of her life.
I work with Mary Kay to help enhance women's lives by showing them products that can bring out how beautiful they can really be.
I believe that makeup is more than just making your outside look nice. I believe that by helping women see their natural beauty, it can truly transform how they feel about themselves.
I am just starting my makeup course, but I've been doing make up for a long time on family and friends! I've always enjoyed it and now I'm taking it the one step further so that I can refine my skills and really help other women.


I would love to show you any Mary Kay products, and how they can work for you!
I offer a free mini facial and make over to any one who asks!
I also do parties with your friends! Make it a girls night, and do night time facials, or even get ready together for that big event! I offer free products to any one who holds a Mary Kay party.
Please feel free to visit my website and ask any questions you may have!