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Kori Edmonston

makeup artist

Kori Edmonston

Apple Valley, CA

Makeup artist services for any person, for any occasion!

Hi! My name is Kori. Im 19 years old and make-up is one my passions! I have been into makeup since I was about 13 and ever since than just been self teaching myself until taking a makeup course at QC Makeup Academy. I love the look on peoples faces when they see themselves all made up. Using the right colors to bring out their eyes,or after learing how to use bronzer.. Their face just lights up and you can tell that person just feels confident and beautiful. I love knowing that I helped put that feeling there. Make-up to me is such an art and I want to show people all the different possibilities you could do with it. Doing make-up. Teaching other people what I know about make-up is just so amazing to me.

I come from a family with three siblings, two of them being girls, and a mom who likes to get all done up and pretty. So make-up was never really foreign to me. In about 7th grade was when I knew I wanted to go into the beauty industry. Doing hair and make-up. After that I was just devoted to finishing highschool so that I could get into the career that I was so passionate about. In most of my free time I would sit in front of my mirror and just practice and practice and teach myself new techniques about hair and make-up. Since I could only practice cutting and dying my hair once in awhile I found myself practicing make-up stuff a lot more often. All my money went towards buying new products and colors. I still find myself doing more make-up than hair stuff which is why I decided to pursue a make-up career before I did hair. Make-up artistry really is a passion for me. I can't wait to see where it takes me in life.


I do makeup for all occasions in the High Desert and Rancho/Ontario area!

*Proms & School Dances
*Baby Showers
*Night on the town
And any event you may want a fresh makeover for!

All major events have a practice consultation where we will discuss the look you wanna do. Play around with different looks you may like and find which products work best for you. Also, discuss details about the event. You will learn about which colors and makeup types work best for your skin type, and skin and eye colors as well.

I also do special group pricing! Awesome for a fun makeover party for any age!
Party's include a consultation and a party visit for groups of 4 or more!
It's appropriate for any age. Whether it's kids who wanna have a makeover dress-up party, teenage girls who wanna learn the basics of makeup application, or adults who wanna get rid of their old makeup routine and learn some fresh new looks!

Call or Email me for pricing and to set up an appointment!