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Carmen Burns

color consultant , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Carmen Burns

Bradford, ON

Did you ever wonder how much time your wasting searching through clutter, how the right choice of colour can change the mood of a room or ho

My name is Carmen Burns and I am a Certified Professional Organizer and Interior Re-designer.I thrive on helping people utilize their space and time to its full potential. I specialize in de-cluttering your space and essentially your life. Whether is it your home, office, garage or closet, I can help you save on time and bring a feeling of harmony and peace to your life. I am also very passionate about turning rooms in your house that you have grown bored and tired of, into spaces that are enjoyable and inviting by using most of your own furniture and accessories and therefor cutting down the costs.

I have always taken joy in designing spaces for my family and friends and helping them organize when ever they have needed my help until they finally convinced my to turn my skills into a business. I decided to take their advice and obtained my certificate in professional organizing and interior redesign and I am now proud to say that I am a Certified Professional Organizer and Interior Re-designer. I absolutely love what I do and take joy in the feeling that my clients have with the end result of a project. I am proud of the accomplishments that my clients and I make and take pride in following up with them and helping them even after a project is finished. I love meeting new people and meeting head on with new challenges. This is my passion and I could not imagine doing anything else because I feel like I am helping people.


I specialize in professional organizing and interior re-deign.
As a Professional Organizer I can help you save money and above all else precious time. The following are areas which I can be of assistance to you;
kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living/entertainment rooms, basement, office and garage. Through adding space saver shelving, baskets, closet organizers, storage and filing solutions I can create an organized space that is simple, peaceful and overall consistent. My goal is to help you become organized, but also to help you stay organized through creating easy solutions, organizing tips and follow up visits.
I am also an interior re-designer. I specialize in taking your typical space which you have become bored of and turning it into the room you always wanted by mixing your own items with a few new pieces and a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Because I work with contractors in the industry many times custom pieces can be added to your room to compliment the pieces that you so love.


A friend of mine recommended Carmen when I wanted help organizing my house but didn’t know where to start. Carmen came and not only taught me how to organize the things I wanted to keep, but also helped me understand how to let go of things I thought I wanted. From my daughter’s bedroom and closet to the bath room and kitchen everything ended up having its own place. It is much easier for me to keep these areas organized with Carmen’s helpful hints. I would recommend Carmen to anyone who feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start. Thank you Carmen

Kim Labranche

As a contractor one of our greatest challenges is assisting clients with color selections and accessorizing. Carmen has taken those stresses away for me. It has been both a pleasure and a blessing working with Carmen. She is always organized and ready for us when we arrive on any project. Carmen assisted us with colour selections on a 19 storey condominium. She also helped us with numerous color selections for a plain builders white executive home, turning it into a relaxing welcoming haven for my clients. I highly recommend Carmen to all my clients, and I'm proud to say it is an honour working with a professional like her. Sincerely Paul Belchior Contracting Inc.

Paul Belchior

Hi Carmen Just a few lines to express my appreciation for a job well done at my home. The colors chosen by you for my home in my absence have surprised me in so far as the environment is now warmer and more comfortable. The reassignment of furniture is refreshing and the added touches of wall enhancements and family photos was a pleasant and welcome surprise. By de cluttering the home, you have provided an open and relaxed place to hide after a long day. I have more interior work that requires your attention at my other homes and will be in touch. I would have no hesitation to recommend your services to family or friends and most certainly to clients I serve. Well done.

Tony G. Abela RCM