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Casey Bell

color consultant , home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner

Casey Bell

Columbus, OH

Designing beautiful realities...

Is your home or office looking run down? Have you fallen out of love with your current space? Do you need a change? Don’t have the time to do it yourself, or don't know where to begin? Got some ideas but need help achieving them? Well, that’s where I come in - Lume‘ Decor. Together let us make your home/office look like a picture out of a magazine.

My name is Casey Bell, owner of Lume’ Décor. I am a professional Interior Designer and Decorator offering a full array of services ranging from event decorating to complete redesign of home or office. Together we can design a beautiful reality for you.


Color Consultation
Color is everything. Color ultimately communicates a desired mood in any space. Color consults are available for those who need assistance with creating a cohesive flow and desired feel throughout their home or office. Please call for pricing information.

Event Decorating
Our event decorating services include weddings, social gatherings, business meetings, award ceremonies, etc. Please call for free estimates.

Home Staging
Presentation is everything when you're trying to get it rented or sold. Home staging services are available for private companies, For Sale by Owner and Real Estate Agents in need of showcasing a home or apartment.

Space Planning
Functionality with visual appeal is the goal. One hour free consultation is available for clients needing to rework their current space or floor plan. A follow up consult will need to be scheduled to review the proposed changes. Prices vary per project and include a 2D floor plan rendering for review.

Our design services offer our clients a one hour free consultation. The focus is on decorating, choosing a design style, color palette and then the focus settles in on the appropriate selection of furniture, flooring, window coverings, artwork, and lighting. Visual displays are created based on client's desires, suggestions and functionality of their allotted space. A follow up appointment will be scheduled to review the presentation boards which will be presented for the aid of the overall visual concept of the projects potential. Prices will vary per project and include presentation boards and samples.

Redesign Consultation
I am dedicated to creating unique and innovative spaces for your lifestyle within your existing space. My designs are both functional and beautiful. Redesign consults are scheduled on appointment only basis. Clients will receive a one hour free consult when interested in having one or more rooms completely redesigned. A follow up consult will need to be scheduled to review the proposed changes. Follow up consult prices vary, depending on your preferred design presentation. Available presentation options are a 2D floor plan layout and/or a 3D fully interactive digital computer aided design layout.

Complete Remodels
Each client is unique and our goal is to create a special environment that suites your personal style. Remodels are by appointment only. Clients will receive one and a half hour free consult. Two follow up consults will need to be scheduled to preview the multiple layers of the design process including floor plans, lighting, window treatments, purchasing specifics and budget planning. Follow up consult and fee structure varies based on services rendered. Price includes 2D and 3D CAD design layouts, work estimates, budget planning and work/construction time lines will be provided.