Susan Ducheneaux

home stager , interior decorator , interior redesigner

Susan Ducheneaux
Torrington, WY

D5 Design Home is a feeling everyone deserves.

My name is Susan Ducheneaux and I am a designer and stager. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. We have ranched and are currently in the cattle feeding industry. My approach to design is to not be afraid of anything. I was raised around the world and enjoy working different design ideas from some of the countries we lived in. My ideal situation on a design would be geared Native American and utilize items strickly made by different reservations so that they may prosper on a project also. I would like to use my skills in helping anyone, regardless of income, to be able to walk through their door at the end of the day and feel "home."

Living in a rural setting, travel is going to be part of any project. As is shopping for items. I am quite capable of doing the travel and giving my client the best service they need. I am not afraid to do a little or a lot, the results will speak for themselves.


I am new to this business but I will work hard and diligently to help any client reach the end-result they are looking for. All are welcome.