Loretta Martin

home stager

Loretta Martin
Santa Fe, NM

· Showcasing the great features of Your Home

Your business is to sell homes. My business is to stage those homes to sell them in the quickest time and for the most money. Lets get together.
First Impressions Design was established to work with realtors and homeowners to achieve the ultimate goal. Sell this house fast and for lots of money! That means setting your property apart and ahead of the competition.


· Visit property
· Give written recommendations.
· Identify areas that need Resale Redesign

Prep. Work
· Visit Property to identify work
· Basic Cleaning
· De-cluttering
· De-personalizing
· Organizing Repair and maintenance work
(cleaning, painting, repair, packing)

Resale Redesign
· Developing and implementing a new set-up
for the interior of the home.

Furniture Rental
· Adding those perfect pieces to accentuate your home.

Complete Home Staging
· Consultation
· Prep work
· Resale redesign