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Valencia Singleton

home stager , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Valencia Singleton

Queens, NY

Let us help you! Attract more buyers by Staging, Organizing and Redesigning your home.

I was an IT professional for 17 years and loved nothing more. I thought I would never feel this way about another profession. When my career as an IT professional ended, I had to search within myself to find what was always there. From the age of 7 I’ve been sewing, designing, organizing, drawing, painting, repairing, refinishing furniture, room makeover’s and more, then I began to makeovers apartment for family, friends and acquaintances. Ten years ago, I bought a house and started watching HGTV and other ‘do-it-yourself’ shows. At that time, I began to makeover my own house room by room.

Still not knowing what I wanted to do or where I was going in the business world, I was looking for work but, not getting many interviews or callbacks. I began to worry! One day, an older family member called and asked for help organizing and de-cluttering their residence and insisted on payng for my labor. They passed the word on and a few weeks later I got another call asking for my services then, another and another. A few months later I was called back by my first client to redesign their entire apartment; this is when it came to me and I then knew what I wanted to do. I enrolled in QC Design School to become a home stager and redesign specialist. While working to obtain my certification I’ve been getting business to redesign organize, and de-clutter client’s homes, apartments and rooms.
I’ve also completed independent study in advanced art at BMCC College and will continue to the next level in the fall. I also plan to take an organizing course at QC Design School as soon as I have obtained certification as a Home Stager & Redesign Specialist.


Staging: We will bring in, take out, move around furnishings and accessories when and where needed to stage your home so it looks and feel inviting to potential buyer.
Organizing: Organize your home by arranging furnishings, draperies, accessories and color in the right places giving the rooms a cohesive and comfortable flow. Organizing and de-clutter closes, pantry and cabinets making then look neat and spacious.
De-personalize: Remove all personal items, accessories and replace them with neutral color items, accessories if needed.
De-clutter: Remove all clutter to give the overall space an open and airy feel; this will helps to make a small space look and feel larger.
Painting & Flooring: Paint if needed, change out flooring when and where needed.


Thank you for helping me sale my house. I am very lucky that you were able to do exactly what I want to do for but couldn’t. You put such caring and effort into your work, knowing what was needed and giving such great ideas. Many thanks for your efforts - especially today when so many people truly needed help! Many thanks again, from a very satisfied customer.

--Susanne Michaels

Dear BeQuest23 Staging & Re-Design Services, You gave my life a big lift when I saw the job you did in my home. I was very lucky to find honest hardworking people like you to stage my place. Thank you for the perfect job you did. I will definitely tell my friends and co-workers about you. Count on me to be your customer for life.

--Judy Fenton

To Whom It May Concern: Please consider this letter of reference for BeQuest23 Staging & Re-Design Services, I was truly at a lost about what to do; my apartment was on the market for several months. I found you guys and decided to just do it. I’m so happy I did and now I have my life back and my apartment is getting wonderful reviews I’m confident it will sell soon.

--Stan Overton