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Kim Frankie Grant

makeup artist

Kim Frankie Grant

Houston, TX

It has now been 2years (Sept/2013) that Ive been doing makeup. It was never something I thought about or wanted to do. Facebook made it a part of my life when people started asking me to do their makeup after seeing pics of myself that I would post. After so many request, I decided to look into it. It was a natural ability I had and is now contributing to almost half of my income.

Because I havent been into makeup that long I decided to enroll in QC's online program to learn the actual dynamics and technical aspects of application instead of just watching YouTube tutorials. I would know to put down primers, and bases, but didnt know WHY. Im happy that I decided to put some education behind my artistry. Even if my clients dont know, I do. And it gives me confidence because I know that I can answer a question when Im asked instead of saying "I just saw somebody else do it."


Bridal Makeup, Beauty, Model, Fashion Show