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Naghme Nemati

interior decorator

Naghme Nemati

Toronto, ON

Your Desire Design in Your Mind - Our Implementation in Real World

I have been interested in interior designing for a long time and I think that by taking QC courses I have organized my knowledge and skills.
I beleive that proper design can have a huge impact in on our space. Saying this, I like to work on small spaces to make it as efficient as possible.

I'm an immigrant who has a bachelor degree in German Translation but I always was looking for an oppurtunity to study in Interior Design field. I got this chance and I'm working toward higher degrees in designing as well. I'm more interested in modernity and simplicity compare to the traditional and elaborated styles.


I'm offering a professional organizing services on any field and also I would like to work on home staging to help sellers in getting better price for their properties.