QC Career School

Alexandra Gajnova

home stager

Bringing out the hidden beauty of the space.

I am a highly-creative professional with an extensive background in art and education; with excellent organizational and people management skills; capable of delivering solid and dynamic service to diverse demographic with commitment to excellence. I am devoted to lifelong learning and growth as well as passionate about the interplay of shape, form and colour; well-traveled, dedicated Vancouverite engaged by community, curiosity and Art.

My goal is to successfully use my education, artistry and skills to bring out the hidden beauty of your place.


MA Degree in Teaching: Arts & Crafts-Aesthetics, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovak Republic, (1993-1998)

Basic Photography, Focal Point: The Visual Arts Learning Centre, Vancouver, BC, (2003)

Figural Composition Drawing Course, Vancouver School Board, Vancouver, BC, (2003)

International Staging & Redesign Professional, QC Design School, Ottawa (2011)

-Bilingual, English / Slovak


Even though my background is in teaching, the main focus has always been on art, its use of space, colours and textures. I worked as an art teacher at the High School and I taught Art History classes at the College. I have continued in this route here, in Canada, by incorporating art and aesthetics into childhood experience. My passion, however, is to work with space and to create welcoming, warm and elegant rooms. That is why I am currently working for a home staging company in Vancouver.


Space Planning
Furniture Layout
Home Staging and Decorating