Marni Clarke

home stager , interior redesigner

Marni Clarke
Whitby, ON

At Stress Free Home Staging we help take the stress out of selling your home as well as helping you save time, money and energy. SFHS has fl

I am a creative person. When I found out about Home Staging I realized it was the perfect career for me.

Stress Free Home Staging keeps the client's budget in mind and respects the clients’ wishes. No job is too big or too small - we do it all. From surveys and evaluations to the implementation and completion.

SFHS knows you buy your house as an investment with the hopes of getting the best return for your money when the time comes to sell.

When you do decide to sell your house it becomes a marketable item, with features that will appeal to potential home buyers. SFHS helps accent those features to maximize the interest in your home.

A prospective home buyer wants to see the highest potential of your home. SFHS clears away and reorganizes your home so that the buyer doesn’t have to wonder who lives there but rather sees themselves living there.

There is a saying for home buyers “When you find the right house you’ll know it.” SFHS does everything in their power to help your house “say” just that. SFHS helps take the stress out of wondering how long it will take someone to think that about your home.


Consultations (Rates dependant on square footage of home: A)up to 1500 sq. ft., B) 1500 to 2500 sq. ft., C) 2500 to 4000 sq. ft.)

Quick & Stress Free (A - $100; B - $150; C - $200) ~ I walk through the home moving furniture & accessories. Major repairs are listed and any change in paint color is recommended. Undesirable accessories, etc are moved to the center of the room for packing or discarding by the client.

Team Effort (A - $150; B - $225; C - $300) ~ together with the client – a walkthrough the home to discuss the various features as well as what the client likes and dislikes, what has to stay and what can go or be moved. A list is compiled of things to be changed, fixed, updated or added. Also at this time furniture and art work can be rearranged and items to be packed can be moved from their current position.

Written Report (A - $225; B - $325; C - $450) ~ I walk through the house making notes then prepare a comprehensive written report. Upon the client’s request I can review the report with them stressing the importance of the changes.

Staging and Redesign of a Room ($50/hr) (Estimates provided)
~ choose new paint color, linens, accessories, artwork, flooring, and lighting
~ design new floor plan for the room to better suit the room and the client’s needs
~ prepare design board(s) with options to choose from
~ Coordinate services (painting, flooring, maintenance, cleaning, storage, landscaping, and roofers)

Shopping Assistant ($75/hr) ~ I will shop with the client to help find the perfect accessories, artwork, linens and/or furniture to accent the room(s) to be redesigned.