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Rose Marie Young

interior decorator

Rose Marie Young

Weyburn, SK

Rosie's Home Design

Rosie's Home Design likes to provide our customers with the greatest satisfaction when designing your space. Whether it's a living room, bedroom, kitchen or office, with our expertise, we can provide a space you to will love to come home to relax, read a book, and let the days stresses leave you. The space we provide for you is somewhere you want to be at the end of your day. We can provide you with any style you like, but our main profession is contemporary/modern style. We want the look you choose to be an inviting atmosphere for you. We are here for you and only you.

I come from the small town of Vibank Saskatchewan. I have always wanted to be a designer ever since I was little. I was always redecorating my bedroom and rearranging things around in our living room. I have taken and completed two Interior Design courses at Siast in Regina Saskatchewan. I also have my diploma in Interior Design. I have been taking my career further in Weyburn Saskatchewan, and the surrounding areas that include Estevan, Midale, Francis, Yellowgrass. I have 3 years of experience.


Roise's Home Design services provide lighting fixtures, furniture, accessories, paints, flooring, window treatments and more. We have a great business for anyone that needs an Interior Designer to help design a new space in your home. We are a contemproary/modern Design business, but we can always work with other design styles and order in accessories or furniture you would like that we may not have. We meet with our clients, talk with you to see what we can provide for you in your space you are inquiring, and we will provide a drawing of what you are asking me to design. We like our clients to ask questions through out the project and let you see the progress as we go. I want my clients to be happy and involved in every step of our project.