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Brittney Gamble

makeup artist

Brittney Gamble

Northville, MI

Simply. Beautiful. Makeup

Hello World-

I would like to formally introduce myself as Brittney Danyael... 25 year-old Accountant from Detroit, MI, soon-to-be Professional Makeup Artist.

What brought me to this industry was the desire to not only unleash my creative side, but to also follow my dream to become an entrepreneur. I've always wanted to work for myself, but have never wanted to give up the luxuries of living a normal life. I am a doer of all things, always dibbing and dabbing in different things. I would love for people to remember me as a woman of many trades.

I firmly believe that people are only as great as they allow themselves to be. Not everyone is afforded the same opportunities in life, however we must learn to grab life by the horns and follow whatever dreams we may have. Whether it leads us to a dead end or not, those unpaved, foggy roads must be traveled.

So here I am, along with what seems like a ton of other driven individuals going after their dream. Excited about this new journey in my life... can't stop talking about it!

In a nutshell, I believe that the application of makeup is a skill that must be perfected. Not everyone has the creative eye to become a makeup artist, because it is just that-- a form of art. I enjoy applying makeup to myself and to close friends, and I hope to share my skills with others in helping them to enhance their natural beauty. I am interested in working with all backgrounds, nationalities and skin tones. I am a very creative individual, and hope that my style and uniqueness is portrayed through my work.


Traditional Makeup
Bridal Makeup
Prom Makeup
Makeup Application Tutorial