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Baden Frosen

color consultant , green designer , home stager , interior redesigner , professional organizer

Baden Frosen

Durham, NC

Home Staging with Sustainability

EcoStagers is a widely known and reputable staging company that has been founded on the basis of sustainability. We are a North Carolina based business that provides home staging services to Real Estate agents, property managers, developers, and home-owners.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by including sustainable advice, resources, and alternatives, to effectively give your property a longer life, higher value, and socially responsible alternatives.

Due to the rising demand for more efficient homes to be built, as well as the slump in economic conditions, sustainability concerns are on the rise. While staging a house increases the value of a house, there is still question about what the property offers concerning energy conservation and sustainability.

With EcoStagers, not only do we provide high quality staging for your property, our stagers will also provide a room by room analysis and checklist to review for energy conservation and awareness. This can give you the steps that are needed to increase your home's value, as well as launch it into a new competitive arena agains newly constructed homes.

Our mission is to professionally prepare homes to be more eco-friendly, by providing high quality home staging services, to homeowners and home sellers, while keeping the integrity of a home and strategizing towards increasing the sustainability and value of a house.

We promise to:
- Provide excellent staging services that exceed client satisfaction.
- Ensure that 100% of our efforts include providing alternative means to sustainability.
- Conduct ourselves within the standards of our values.
- Strive for absolute professionalism with both clients and vendors.
- Foster an internal environment of innovation and creativity for both design and environment.

Our website is also eco-friendly, powered solely by wind!


Vacant Home & Furnished Model EcoStaging - Staging vacant homes is our specialty. EcoStagers offers resources to a large inventory of furniture, accessories, and artwork to make any house look like a showcase home. We will work with homeowners, real estate agents, investors, developers, and commercial clients. We will create a designer look marketed to the clients designated demographic at a value price. We can work with existing furniture, or set up full-models to showcase property. We work hard to provide new and improved sustainable alternatives to paint, lighting, air quality and more, to increase profitability in the Raleigh, Durham real estate market.

Full Service EcoStaging - As experts at helping property owners prepare their property for sale, our experienced team of professional Eco-Stagers will enhance the selling features of any space, address proper furniture alternatives, placement, and flow, organize and remove clutter in any space, pre-package belongings, and provide a detailed list of sustainable improvements to enhance the value added to the property, giving it a cutting edge competitive advantage over the rest! This includes a FREE $75 de-clutter kit!!

EcoConsultation - This is a walk and talk consultation that will provide effective and affordable solutions to staging a property by the client. We will address each room and show how to maximize sustainable as well as best selling features, using what they already own. This will be an affordable alternative to Full Service EcoStaging.

EcoPlan - This will be a detailed plan for real estate agents to provide to their clients to follow. It will be a 10-15 page guideline of suggestions and best practices, along with photographs of the property, addressing all aspects of the property, including flow, improvements, curb appeal, and sustainability. This will help give the property the cutting edge competitiveness against any newer properties on the market.

Move-In EcoStaging and Eco-Design - For those clients who are moving into their new homes or commercial space, we will provide an in depth service to help smooth the move-in and design process. We will offer any design help, using existing furniture and props, as well as aid in properly utilizing space for organization. We will also walk the property and help configure both short and long term-goals to improving the sustainability of a house.

R-EcoStaging Spaces - This is our "recycling" service. If any client wants to save money, and reduce waste, we will come in and provide complete redecoration and design using what they already have, as well as quick tips on how to improve the sustainability of their property!! This costs well below providing all new products, creating waste that the planet does not need.