Danielle Hood

makeup artist

Danielle Hood
Fort St John, BC

Beauty is skin deep, But a little makeup never hurt ;)

My name is danielle i am 22 years old and love to expeirement with makeup. I live in fort st john Bc a cold but great place. I offer makeup artistry for the following occasions: weddings, nights out on the town, and also raves. Im hopeing to offer mini sessions to help promote my buisness. So if you ever want a ladies night were u get makeovers! im your girl ;).im a very friendly and out going person. I enjoy applying makeup and makeing people feel great about themselves!

I graduated from JLloyd Secondary Schools and then from there i had my son and my daughter. I decided to do an online makeup artistry course because it was a good solution for a home maker and i have always loved working with makeup.


I offer services such as weddings , nights out on the town, and raves.

The wedding will have a pre- concaltation so that i can get to know you and also see what kind of makeup you are wanting for your big day!

A night out on the town will offer your full makeup session from moisturizer to blush and eye makup. This is when you maybe have a date or a christmas party to etend.

Raves, raves are my favorite i love being artistic and people always go full out for raves when it comes to makeup and outfits! this offers all the basics plus a little more! designes and stencils and outragous eyelashes!

im also hopeing to offer mini sessions wich are when you have a little get together at your house and everyone gets a mini makeover!