Pauline Dowson

professional organizer

Pauline Dowson
Banff, AB

Clear space in your home and life.

I love to organize! As a wife and mother of two sons I've done plenty of it. I've decided to take my passion and turn it into a business that has a direct positive impact on other people's lives.

I'm trained as a teacher of mathematics so have experience in organizing pupils and lessons. I've also trained in yoga and totally believe "less is more" and we all need to clear space in our very busy, cluttered lives.


We now lead busier lives than ever. We have most of the things we want. We have lots of things but perhaps what we really need is less - we need to clear some space. Clutter in the home causes clutter physically and emotionally. Allow me to help you to create some space to breathe.

I would be delighted to offer help in de-cluttering and providing storage advice to any area of your home. It's also a great idea to de-clutter before you move (or put your home on the market). You'd be amazed at how much more attractive an organized home is to prospective buyers.