Kim Worswick

home stager, interior redesigner

Kim Worswick
Lawton, OK

Staging to Sell by Kim is where you go to sell your home quickly and get it professional looking!

Staging to Sell by Kim is here to help you get your home sold quickly and efficiently. Here at Staging to Sell by Kim gives you the time and commitment to helping you redesign and stage your home to attract the best possible buyers.

Kim Worswick is originally from sunny California, but currently resides in Lawton, OK. She has lived in many states including: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Washington and Oklahoma. Her husband is currently serving in the military and since Kim moves often, she has a passion for redesigning her spaces.

Kim has her Washington State Realtor and Brokers license and saw the need and desire for homeowners to get a professional stager so they could sell their home quicker. Since she has moved to Oklahoma and begun her home staging courses, she has a better understanding of how she can help the world of Real Estate.


Staging to Sell by Kim provides homeowners with three easy services for both vacant and occupied properties. The three step process will start with a detailed consultation, property conditioning (such as packing and repairs) and showcasing for sale. Staging to Sell by Kim will provide 3 different staging options; 1. Consultation only, 2. Consultation and showcasing, or 3. De-clutter, Organize and Redesign your current space.

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